The beginning of 2014


The beginning of 2014…

A tiny rainbow
A rainbow peeking out of the sky.
Bathroom signBlockbuster was going out of business so I bought their bathroom sign. I painted and distressed it to match my house. It even has Braille. 🙂
Orange sunsetI love sunsets. I photograph them more than anything.
Star lightsMy son is afraid of the dark so I hung led star lights on his bed.
My boy
My girlThe cute kiddos. Vivi actually let me put her hail in pigtails!
Full moonA full moon and street lights. I know it’s really obvious.
Birthday cupcakes Papa celebrated his 99th birthday.
My daughterMy parents got a new pup. Vivi adores animals. She was puking in the car and wouldn’t let us turn back to go home. She insisted on seeing the new puppy.
New business cards I made some handmade business cards for the reopening of my shop in February.



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