The end of 2013


We are finally starting to get settled in from the move. We still have a lot of boxes to unpack and a lot of cleaning up. I am hoping to be able to blog regularly and open up my Etsy shop within the next month. Here is a collection of random photos from the last 4 months.

My kids

The kiddos a few days after we got the new house. They were happy to finally have their own rooms.

Blue sunset
Awesome clouds

We had beautiful sunsets.

San Francisco giants
Happy girl

Some happy moments. My daughter discovered that pressing on Luna’s nose made her tongue pop out.

Beautiful fall leaves

The chilly weather dropped some beautiful leaves.

Gorgeous sunset

We had one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen. Sorry neighbor I hope you didn’t think I was stalking you.

First missing tooth

My son lost his first tooth.

Christmas Decor
Red heeler
Snowflake ornament
Favorite Christmas presents
Happy Christmas
Border collie Australian cattle dog
Christmas sunset

Christmas came and went.

Goodbye Max

And we had a loss in the family. Max passed away on Christmas Day at 9 months of juvenile renal dysplasia. He will be missed.


Fiery sunset

And this was the last sunset of 2013.



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